The Science

Behind Roket Gear 3S Training

Why we developed ROKET GEAR HOCKEY

ROKET GEAR HOCKEY was founded on the training principle of Specificity. The principle of specificity states, in order to achieve the best results from training and increase your overall performance, training should be movement specific and appropriate to the sport for which the athlete is training. This means you MUST perform the EXACT SKILL in the EXACT SAME WAY in order to get better! 

Why is ROKET GEAR HOCKEY different than any other hockey training product on the market?

We are the first Hockey Performance Training Technology in the world that combines the 3 training principles: OVERLOAD, PROGRESSION, SPECIFICITY with the ability to increase the weight load in pounds. Other training products such as resistance bands and parachutes use 2 of 3 training principles (overload and progression) and skate weights do not have the technology to increase weight more than a pound which limits development.

What We did To Make Sure ROKET GEAR HOCKEY is 100% Safe and Effective

Even though we designed ROKET GEAR HOCKEY on substantiated training principles, we had to make sure that we weren’t going to hurt kids or compromise professional athlete's ability to make a living. That’s why we went to the world-renowned Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary to test our innovative technology and prove that it does not change the skating stride (Neuro-biomechanics).

We tested forward skating, backward skating, forward crossovers, and backward crossovers with weight loads of 0 - 5lbs per leg. Testing results showed that skaters were able to maintain their skating speeds with the added mass, absolute movement patterns remained relatively unchanged and lower leg kinematics (knee and hip angles) did not change.

This means Hockey players can train in the EXACT SAME MOVEMENT RECRUITMENT PATTERN that they require to increase SPECIFIC strength, SPECIFIC speed, and SPECIFIC fitness so they can take their game to the next level and increase ON ICE performance.

Why the SPECIFICITY principle works best

Building the Engine - In order to perform most sports, you need a base level of fitness. Regardless of what sport you play, you need to build your engine, aerobic endurance, and strength, which is an essential component of any athlete's off-season training. Off-ice workouts are useful and can build power but it’s never going to make you a great hockey player unless you can translate that on the ice. Players are not learning hockey skills such as; edge work, shooting, hand/eye coordination, agility to sidestep a body check, etc...while strength training in the gym.

On ice training techniques such as parachutes or resistance bands also help build strength but again these technologies differ in resistance because players aren’t dragging people around the rink and you can’t train the way you practice, with a puck, passing, looking out for getting hit, all of the variables that contribute to the neurological synaptic sequences between the brain and muscles. That sensory-motor flow and integration in your brain that happens in the sensory-motor cortex is the most important aspect in training the proper muscles to fire a the right time so you have optimal power and performance. The more you remove from that in training the less specific the training. 

With the above said, strength development is not just about building the muscle, it’s about training muscle groups to recruit in a very coordinated way and firing all the proper muscle units at the same time. This is called POWER. If you don’t train your brain to fire your muscles in the exact same way you use them to perform in your sport, you’ll never express your optimal performance potential. 

What ROKET GEAR HOCKEY created and developed is an innovative way to weight train your legs on ice so you can build the specific muscle recruitment patterns you need to increase your strength, speed and power.  A performance training technology that has the ability to combine strength training and the specificity principle so hockey players are weight loading in the exact neurological task that is needed to increase high performance.

Roket Gear Hockey is a way to practice and weight train your legs ON ICE. ICE TIME IS VALUABLE – USE THE TIME WISELY AND TRAIN THE WAY YOU PLAY!