3S Hockey Training

Improve Strength and Speed ON the ice!

We’re going back to basics.

In hockey, the market has tried to convince us that we need special training, special equipment, special techniques to get the best results. Not only has this become complicated, it also takes a lot of time, money and effort.

So...we created Roket Gear Hockey

a tactical training system that uses the basic principles of adding weight to the human body - so you can spend less time in the gym and train where you play...ON the ice. We want you to make the most of your ice time by building power and endurance while developing your skills AND take your regular practices and on-ice conditioning drills to the next level! You’ll feel the difference as soon as you strap on Roket Gear Hockey.

It's not Rocket Science...
It's Roket Gear! 🚀

How it Works

Roket Gear

Revolutionary Fitted Weighted Shells

The patented fitted shell is designed to conform around the shin pad comfortably and stay put so you can focus on what you’re there to do. The shell clips on and off in seconds, making it easy to quickly add and remove weight, personalizing your workout on the fly for maximum benefit.

Roket Gear

Convenient Pocket Design

The innovative pocket design allows you to place the custom crafted 1/4 lb stainless-steel weights easily in the neoprene pockets and in various positions throughout the shell as per your preference. Default weight varies depending on shell size. 
Roket Gear

3S Training System

All-Star players are not just strong, fast or crafty...they are all of these at the same time. In our 3S Training Mode, you add resistance without affecting your stride so you can build more strength and speed while practicing your skills, increasing your performance!


Get more intense workouts and push the limits of what you can do on the ice. Build strength and conquer plateaus with the adjustable weight system.


Build explosive speed while you train with our easy-to-use weight system. Customize the weights to your fitness level and gain an edge over the competition. 


Level up your drills and practices with 3S Training. Spend less time in the gym and more time on the ice so you can keep on improving your overall performance. 
Roket training gear
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