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Roket Gear’s Story

What started as a conversation on a staircase in 2016 about helping hockey players level up their game because of the phenom Connor McDavid, turned into the creation of Roket Gear. Fast-forward 5 years later, Co-Founders Dr. Niz Saab and Eddie Halabi are ready to launch their unique innovative first product Roket Gear Hockey in 2021.

Growing up with a passion for hockey and sport, they were both motivated to choose professions that could help make a difference for people in their health and performance. As a chiropractor and a strength and conditioning coach they understand body mechanics and athletic performance.  This inspired Roket Gear.

Roket Gear was built around the principle that your own body enables you to improve strength, speed and skill. The tactical training system allows athletes to improve while they're on the ice. No expensive equipment or gyms required. 

Roket Gear builds explosive power, speed, and strength while you train and where you train, so you can train true to your sport. Because that’s what it’s all about—playing the sport you love and improving with every workout, training session or practice. It’s not rocket science. It’s Roket Gear.

Our Founders

Roket Gear

Dr. Niz Saab

Co-founder & Director 

Dr. Niz Saab has been studying human wellness and body mechanics for nearly 25 years and has owned and operated eight clinics in Canada and Australia. As a Doctor of Chiropractic Care, he specializes in musculoskeletal body mechanics and optimal performance.

With a passion for sports and health, he was inspired to find a training system that could help athletes perform at their best. That’s why he decided to create Roket Gear with his cousin Eddie. He oversees research and development, creative design, marketing, business planning and financial operations.

Roket Gear

Eddie Halabi

Co-founder & Director 

Eddie Halabi has been a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years as well as a developer in the residential and commercial real estate market for nearly two decades. As a former amateur boxer, he specializes in sports-specific training, mainly focusing on amateur and professional hockey players.

Combining his love of fitness, sports and business, he teamed up with his cousin Niz to launch the Roket Gear 3S Training System. Eddie oversees research and development, creative design, marketing, customer and supplier relations. 

Roket Gear

Quick Facts

  • Builds strength to conquer training plateaus with Roket Gear’s adjustable weighted system
  • Workouts are tougher and push the limits of what you can do on the ice

  • Creates explosive speed while you train with our easy to use weight loading system

  • Gives an edge over the competition as you customize the weights to your fitness level

  • Allows athletes to spend less time in the gym and more time on the ice meaning they’re always developing their skills

Backed By Research

All of our equipment is backed by research and has undergone trials at the Human Performance Laboratory. Throughout trials, athletes maintained their momentum and stride using Roket Gear. You build strength, never lose speed and cultivate your skills.

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