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Roket Gear Hockey - great way to fundraise

Our Fundraising Partners

Level up your hockey players training and raise money for your Hockey Association or Hockey Academy at the same time by becoming a Roket Gear Fundraising Partner! You’ll be fully supported with all the tools you need when re-selling our 3S hockey training system. 

The Opportunity

Roket Gear offers a great opportunity to raise money for your organization while providing the newest innovation in hockey training, making it a desirable item for fundraising.

For more information on how to become a part of the team, contact us at team@roketgear.com

New Training Product

Introduce a new training product to your students that is on the leading edge of hockey skills technology

Marketing Support

We provide marketing support, an email template and affiliate links to deliver to your players

Cross Promotion

Roket Gear cross promotes your fundraising cause through our own social and email marketing channels in addition to providing Roket Gear swag


Each time one of your members buys our product, you get the proceeds deposited into your bank account monthly so you can keep up to date on totals

Roket Gear
Roket Gear


Partnering up with Roket Gear for fundraising means we make sure that you know the product inside and out.

  • We provide in-depth product knowledge training sessions for staff conducted either in-person or via video conference
  • Full demonstration of Roket Gear training system for hockey players and staff
  • Complete library of training videos that can be used to incorporate Roket Gear into your training programs


Once you join the Roket Gear community, we’ll provide you with continued support. 

  • Your Hockey Association or Hockey Academy will have a full detailed listing on our website
  • We will announce the partnership through our social media and email marketing channels and provide continued support
  • You’re provided with an email marketing template for promotional use
  • A product reel will be given to your Hockey Association or Hockey Academy for website and social channel display
  • A large banner will be delivered to your Hockey Association or Hockey Academy for promotion on the boards of your rink
  • Continued cross-promotional support throughout all of our social channels, events and website
  • We’re always available, contact us any time!

Roket Gear


You will be provided with the following:

  • Roket Gear banner will be provided with your Hockey Association or Hockey Academy logo included that you can place in your training area
  • An email and social media announcement to announcement created by your school or the Roket Gear team
  • We’ll provide you with a logo to list on your website to show you are a fundraising partner of Roket Gear
  • Product training knowledge will commence for your staff 

Let's Partner Up!

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