Let's Team Up!

Supporting local and small chain retailers

Our Retailer Partners

We are working with our community and offering opportunities for local and small chain retail partners to introduce a whole new way of training to athletes. Becoming a select retailer of Roket Gear Hockey means you will be supported with all the tools that you need to be part of this new training movement.

The Opportunity

A retail partnership with Roket Gear gives your brand a unique opportunity to offer enhanced performance technology that’s taking training to the next level.

For more information on how to become a part of the team, contact us at team@roketgear.com

Key Partners

You’ll be one of the select retailers that Roket Gear has partnered with

New Training Product

Gain access to cutting-edge technology that supports your reputations as an industry expert

Individual Support

We provide individual support to our retailers through training and marketing

Favorable Product Margin

We offer competitive profit margins for our product as well as volume discounts to enhance the margins.

Roket Gear
Roket Gear


Our team at Roket Gear will make sure you know the product inside and out.

  • We provide product knowledge training for all staff that is done either in-person or through video conferencing
  • Our team has an in-store demo day to support your brand and train all of your staff to get to know our gear


When you join the Roket Gear community, you get continued support

  • You’ll be listed on the Roket Gear website as an official retailer of our product
  • Our partnership will be announced via our social media and email marketing channels
  • We’ll provide you with an email template to use for promotional use as well as a product reel for in-store or website and social media use
  • Continual promotional support for your store through all of our marketing channels throughout our partnership
  • You can contact us at any time with any questions or concerns

Roket Gear

Retail Partner

Once your store becomes a Roket Gear retailer, here are the next steps.

  • We will provide you with a logo to put on your website to show that you’re a Certified Roket Gear Retailer
  • We ask that retailers make an announcement on their social channels and email marketing about our new partnership (we can create this for you if needed)
  • Proper product knowledge training takes place with our team

Let's Team Up!

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