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We're big on data and results and we sure as heck weren’t going to create a product without proof that it is safe and effective! 

So, we partnered with the world-renowned Human Performance Lab / Sports Insight at the University of Calgary to have our gear tested by real athletes.

Movements: forward skating, backward skating, forward crossovers, and backward crossovers

Skating Conditions: No added system, Roket Gear with 2, 3, 4, 5 lbs weight increments.

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Skating Speeds

The athletes were able to maintain their skating speeds with Roket Gear and the added mass.

Movement Patterns

Absolute movement patterns remained relatively unchanged with Roket Gear on the skater's legs.

Knee & Hip Angles

Lower leg kinematics (knee and hip angles) did not change with Roket Gear and the added mass.

What Does That Mean For Your Training?

Roket Gear

No Interference

Roket Gear is sport-specific, so hockey players can “train true to their sport”, meaning they can perform skills with added weight without the weight altering their normal skating mechanics. Gone are the days of using equipment that is cumbersome like parachutes or rubber bands or lever heavy products like skate weights or ankle weights. Our gear ensures that weighted training doesn’t interfere with normal skating mechanics.
Roket Gear

Customize To Your Goals

Our customized 4” long ¼ lbs stainless steel cylindrical weights can be easily added and removed from our revolutionary water-proof nylon and neoprene fitted shells depending on how you’re training that day.
Roket Gear

Conquer Plateaus

Roket Gear makes sport-specific workouts more challenging through added weight. You can practice skills while building strength, ultimately conquering training plateaus.

The Human Performance Lab /Sports Insight

is a leader in both basic and applied research relating to human neuromusculoskeletal health and well-being. Located in the Faculty of Kinesiology in University of Calgary's main campus, they research and test everything from anatomy to muscle mechanics, physiology to motor control, biochemistry to biomechanics, at the molecular level to the person as a whole, all aspects are explored in an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Their clients include Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok and the NHL! 

Check what they do The Human Performance Lab and Sport Insight!

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