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Roket Gear Team

In sports, for a team to be successful, it takes players knowing their roles and doing whatever it takes for them to perform their roles at the highest level. It’s no different in business. With that said, we are proud to have assembled a team that is selfless and committed to making a difference for others by supporting hockey players around the globe achieve power and accomplishment with their goals. We continue to draft key players to the Roket Gear Team and look forward to announcing the addition of more amazing team members. 

Providing Power & Accomplishment to athletes around the world that want to achieve their goals and level up!

Our Founders

Roket Gear

Dr. Niz Saab

Co-founder & Director 

Dr. Niz Saab has been studying human wellness and body mechanics for nearly 25 years and has owned and operated eight clinics in Canada and Australia. As a Doctor of Chiropractic Care, he specializes in musculoskeletal body mechanics and optimal performance.

With a passion for sports and health, he was inspired to find a training system that could help athletes perform at their best. That’s why he decided to create Roket Gear with his cousin Eddie. He oversees research and development, creative design, marketing, business planning and financial operations.

Roket Gear

Eddie Halabi

Co-founder & Director 

Eddie Halabi has been a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years as well as a developer in the residential and commercial real estate market for nearly two decades. As a former amateur boxer, he specializes in sports-specific training, mainly focusing on amateur and professional hockey players.

Combining his love of fitness, sports and business, he teamed up with his cousin Niz to launch the Roket Gear 3S Training System. Eddie oversees research and development, creative design, marketing, customer and supplier relations. 

Our Story

Growing up, we lived, breathed and dreamt hockey. In the winter you could always find us at the local rink, practicing from early dawn until late at night or in the summers playing street hockey with our friends. We always imagined playing in the NHL, even as we practiced in ill-fitting hand-me-down equipment. Eventually, we moved from the local rink to compete at higher levels, travelling to different cities and small towns playing the game we loved. As time passed, our passion for hockey became a passion for sport and fitness. It motivated us to choose professions that could help make a difference for people in their health and performance and, ultimately, inspired Roket Gear.

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